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The making of FUJI (不死)
audiovisual installation, 2014



"Lighting Layers and Reflections"

Sculptural installation I designed


A rare glimpse of North Korea in astounding timelapse. We can only imagine the hoops they had to jump through to shoot this.



robert henke aka monolake - lumiere no. 6, excerpt i


HOLO Magazine

First issue of the new computational arts magazine put together by the team behind Creative Applications is out now.

Intended to be published twice a year, it could be considered to offer a different insight to the subject which the internet (a fast-attention medium) couldn’t produce. Usually, coverage on this topic in print is esoteric, but the tone here is far more informal to it’s advantage - over 200 ad-free pages with beautifully designed layouts. There are interviews with animator David O’Reilly (famous for his one-off Adventure Time 3D glitch episode and the graphics for the Spike Jonze film Her), artist Racquel Myers who works with the graphical limiations of the Commodore C64, and installation artist Zimoun (who I have covered here before) who creates simple minimalist works with basic materials.

Here is a two-minute review put together by Steven Watson on the magazine:

All in all, it is a satisfying publication on the subject even if you are already familiar with some of the projects included from the internet. A promising first issue which does justice to the subject.

You can find out more about the magazine at the project’s website here


Marutaro is an adorable pygmy hedgehog with some serious Internet fame. The Japan-based celebrity has over 47,000 followers on Twitter (@hedgehogdays), and more fans around the web. It’s not hard to see why—just look at that face! Marutaro enjoys getting his picture taken, and he is patient enough to pose with the silly, illustrated masks that his owners make for him.


Picked up a beautiful #moldall vase by #studioprepa from #mjolk yesterday. Each vase is unique glass art using wooden molds that leave the impression of wood bark and end-grain. Thx John and @juli_at_mjolk, we love your shop.


Faceted Stationery by Samuel Wilkinson for Lexon



Fedrigoni presents “Paper Skin”, a Leica X2 camera that replaces the traditional leather band with Constellation Jade paper.

The Junction grafitti. I miss dry sidewalks.